Thursday, 27 July 2017

KisanMarket--Agriculture Related Products

What India lacks is a clear focus on agriculture. There is no glamour in this sector and does not account for discussable significance. Add to this the vagaries of climate, discussing touchy and leakage prone subsidy issues, no possibility of scaling up like the IT sector, and, not getting to the bad books of centuries old and established institutional barricading the farmer from the consumer, Indian agriculture is best left alone. While the farmers are ending life more like assembly line design to end lives, assorted intermediaries control pricing and profiteering. Season this with some unthinking acceptance of international trade policies, playing the commodity markets and meaningless crop insurance, you have a built in mechanism to bring chaos to fifty percent of India’s population. And, then there are the loan sharks. We are told that there is plenty of electricity or atleast there is a potential for plenty of electricity. This we are told has a huge capacity for building climate independent storage facilities and quality agro-processing. We are told this will change the rural scenario. We are told this will enhance the Indian farmers’ pricing power. We have been told this for some time now but the farmer is more or less in the same condition if not worse than what his forefathers have been. So what ails Indian agriculture and what can be done about it? Can you and I do something about it? We created It is a small step.

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