Friday, 16 June 2017

KisanMarket--Farmers Online Trading Platform

There is a popular saying, “The person who kills hundred in a battle is called a HERO but a person who saves one is called GOD” I hope by trying to help farmers, who can be your own family members, neighbours or someone known in your friends network, you may be GOD to someone somewhere. Please let as many as know about As we are all aware the middlemen make most of the money leaving the farmer & consumer worried. Most of the products which are not a basic need in our life like TV, Car, bikes, even pricing of apartments are fixed but the basic need - FOOD products produced by farmers doesn’t have pre determined price whereas the end product of all major brands has MRP for rice, atta, pulses etc etc. Farmers’ don’t know how to approach whole sellers / Retail Chains or the end consumers. Hence we decided to connect them althrough In this portal a farmer is identified / registered with his mobile number & all he/she has to do is enter the produce they have got, the quantity & the price he/she wants depending upon the price in the open market. The farmer will determine at what price he/she wants to sell. In case if a farmer cannot work on internet, their children or neighbours or friends like you can help them post. The interested buyer will then contact them & negotiate the price which is mutually agreed & then the produce is picked up from the farm. Apart from helping farmers to sell their produce, we are providing space for agro related companies to list their products / equipment's including fertilisers. Since the middlemen are eliminated these companies can offer great discounts to farmers’ which will bring down the cost of produce.

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