Monday, 12 June 2017

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Farmers have a plethora of problems. And, who can understand these problems best? None other than a farmer. And, who can solve these problems best? None other than a farmer. And, who can give a solution based on technology? None other than a farmer. But, a farmer who strides agriculture sector just as comfortably as the technology sector is the only one who can give a solution.
TGS have over 500 years of farming in their blood. They come from a very respectable farming family from the historical town of Belur in Hasan district of Karnataka, India. Growing up playing cricket in a land that seemed to have no end, among orchards of banana, mangoes, sapota, avocado and fields of millets, pulses and cereals, seeing the well-off tourists from across the globe set their minds thinking.
The foundations were laid by starting small businesses and pursuing higher education in the top universities of the world. The problem was identified. 
The Indian farmer had no organized way to sell his produce at the best price and the consumer had no way either to get the best product at the best price. 
There needed to be a medium. The medium had to match the best in the world in technology but with Indian sensibilities. was the result.

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